AmCham Mentor - Mentee Lunch 2017

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Mentoring can significantly accelerate your professional and personal growth. Since it has a very positive impact on the achievement of your objectives, please consult with your mentor before use.  

We have proudly started the new season of AmCham Mentor 2017.

In seven generations we have connected 315 mentoring pairs.






18 mentors have greatly contributed to this program for 5 years and thus they were proudly presented with 5 star AmCham Mentor Award. The mentors, who received an award, were: 

  • Vera Aljančil Falež, Mercator
  • Maria Anselmi, Bisnode
  • Nevenka Črešnar Pergar, NP Consulting
  • Iztok Klančnik, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
  • Sonja Klopčič, Voditeljstvo, vodenje, razvoj in svetovanje
  • Nevenka Kržan, KPMG
  • Marko Majer, Mayer McCabb
  • Jasna Mihelj Coustaury, Aviat
  • Julijan Naskov, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires d.o.o.,
  • Rajko Novak, Oracle
  • Janez Pergar, NP Consulting
  • Matej Potokar
  • Miro Smrekar, Adecco
  • Enzo Smrekar, Droga Kolinska
  • Robert Trnovec, Microsoft
  • Ajša Vodnik, AmCham Slovenia
  • Matic Vošnjak, Compero


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