AmCham Team

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Ajša Vodnik, MSc
Executive Director

I love people. I believe in collaboration, creativity at work, and my team. I have confidence in positive change and I passionately support the optimism in AmCham sLOVEnia.

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Vida Dolenc Pogačnik
Deputy Director and International Cooperation Leader

Because all our activities are also focused on promoting Slovenia and because we do this wholeheartedly, with enthusiasm and positive energy.

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Petra Kocjan
Advocacy and Communication Manager

Because I can co-create positive changes in

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Tonja Avsenik
Young Programs Manager & Project Manager

I believe AmCham combines just the right amount of playfulness and the right amount of gravitation to make a positive difference.

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Katja Čenčur
Project Manger

Because the best way to predict the future is to create it, and we are creating it together.

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Nina Marinšek
Project Manager

Because I believe AmCham Slovenia is creating a change I wish to see in the world.

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