AmCham Team

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Ajša Vodnik, MSc

I love people. I believe in collaboration, creativity at work, and my team. I have confidence in positive change and I passionately support the optimism in AmCham sLOVEnia.



Vida Dolenc Pogačnik
COO & International Cooperation Leader

Because all our activities are also focused on promoting Slovenia and because we do this wholeheartedly, with enthusiasm and positive energy.



Brina Tomovič Kandare
Communication and Advocacy Manager

Because it is only through collaboration that we can make positive changes and move our society forward. 



Tonja Avsenik
Young Programs Manager & Project Manager

I believe AmCham combines just the right amount of playfulness and the right amount of gravitation to make a positive difference.


Katja Čenčur

Office Manager & Project Manager

Because the best way to predict the future is to create it, and we are creating it together.



Nina Marinšek
Membership and Partnership Manager

Because I believe AmCham Slovenia is creating a change I wish to see in the world.


Ana Martinčič 
Business Coordinator 

We believe in sLOVEnia. By connecting successful and warmhearted Slovenians from both sides of the Atlantic and by sharing positive stories we wish to spark the passion for our business and living environment.