AmCham Young Leaders Club

A Network of Outstanding Young Business Leaders
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AmCham Young Leaders Club

Katja Čenčur
Office Manager, Project Manager

Dear AmCham Young Leaders,

We are bound by our values - trust, creativity, collaboration, optimism and passion and we are determined to spread them.

Join AmCham Young Leaders Club, a club of outstanding younger generation business leaders. We all, members, partners and guests on the meetings, strive for the longterm development of business environment and society. Through the year we will host individuals from different areas and highlight specific stories of individuals to encourage different ways of thinking and views. 

This is a unique opportunity to connect with AmCham community and to cooperate in the initiative Giving Back to the Community.

Join us and co-create positive change!



I believe that the opportunities for positive change in society exist always and everywhere. Currently I see them most in creating a broader awareness that each individual counts and can create significant changes. Everyone can be someone’s good example.

Klemen Medved, Mercator


The main hope of all nations for progress and the future lies on us – young people. We are unburdened generation that has the knowledge and dares. The opportunity is here. We need only change to change.

Jan Dobrilovič, Beeping


The are as many opportunities for positive change as we want to see, but we need to start somewhere, gradually -  step by step in the right direction. The first priority is certainly how with all the infrastructure that already exists, simplify life and open up place and space for all the creative work and innovative projects.
We have already developed solutions that simplify many processes, it is now essential how to implement them in practice and spread these best practices in the society. All these positive changes will fall on fertile ground only if we have the same attitude to values as a society.

Primož Zupan, MBills

The opportunity for change in society is mostly in creating a positive environment for economic activity, as economic development is a necessary condition for the general welfare and progress of society. YLC in this context educates and brings together young representatives of business and public sector, and thus contributes to the strengthening of business ties and raises the level of participation in society in general.

Blaž Jakič, Triglav Osiguranje

Is a network of outstanding younger generation business leaders.

They are ambitious, successful, and active. They lead by example and set new standards of business leadership. They are bound by values. Together they are evolving into better leaders and are helping shape Slovenia into a country of optimism.

They create opportunities through networking.

They create new business opportunities through networking. They are committed to creating a stimulating environment that generates confidence. Their meetings are aimed at spreading best practices, and members learn about global trends, develop new ideas, share their knowledge, and create positive energy.

They give back to the community.

They know that success means responsibility. As part of the initiative Giving Back to the Community, members of the club each year proactively organize socially responsible actions. They strive to set an example in this area. They, therefore, connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve a greater effect.