AmCham Young Leaders Club

A Network of Outstanding Young Business Leaders
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AmCham Young Leaders Club

Katja Čenčur
Office Manager, Project Manager

AmCham Young Leaders Club

is a network of business leaders of younger generation, up to the age of 40, whose desire and goal is to work together and co-create a better future, a strong economy and a high quality of life. They are united by values ​​that are at the forefront of socializing. Together they are developing into better business leaders and co-shaping Slovenia into a country of optimism. Being aware that success means responsibility, they also actively participate in the initiative Giving Back to the Community.
This is a unique opportunity to connect with AmCham community and to cooperate in the initiative Giving Back to the Community.

Is a network of outstanding younger generation business leaders.

They are ambitious, successful, and active. They lead by example and set new standards of business leadership. 

They create opportunities through networking.

They create new business opportunities through networking. They are committed to creating a stimulating environment that generates confidence. Their meetings are aimed at spreading best practices, and members learn about global trends, develop new ideas, share their knowledge, and create positive energy.

They give back to the community.

They know that success means responsibility. As part of the initiative Giving Back to the Community, members of the club each year proactively organize socially responsible actions. They strive to set an example in this area. They, therefore, connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve a greater effect.

Join us and co-create positive change!


YOUng Leaders AmChampions

Young Leaders AmChampions is a governing body within the AmCham Young Leaders Club. It acts as a committee and it consist of 14 members, one President, two Vice Presidents and a Snow ball representative.


Mart D. Buh,
Director, LanguageSitter®

Vice President:
Primož Rojac,
LL.M. (LSE), Founder of law platform IURALL 

Vice President:
Sandra Kecman,
Digital Marketing Manager, Bisnode Southern Market

Snowball representative:
Timotej Šooš, 
National Coordinator for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Government office for development and European cohesion policy

Anamarija Žafran Meglič, Marketing Manager, Minicity LTD

Anže Bečaj, Founder, Rajsko 

Jan Dobrilovič, Founder, Next d.o.o., Beeping

Jovan Pavićević, Marand inženiring d.o.o.

Klemen Medved, Project Director, Mercator d.d.

Mateja Panjan, Front-End & Innovation Global DEN Vertical, Danfoss Trata

Nina Langerholc Čebokli, Chief People Officer, Cosylab

Peter Merc, PhD, Co-founder, Lemur Legal Ltd. 

Primož Zupan, MSc, CEO, MBILLS

Živa Praprotnik, Head of HR, Iconomi


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