Best of the Best

Innovation, Motivation, and Openness
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Excellent Business Practices From the Best Business Community

The outstanding projects and ideas of our members, who are among the leading companies in Slovenia, are introducing excellent practices to the Slovenian business environment that have resulted from the creativity and innovations of their employees. The Best of the Best program ahs been created as a guide, inspiration, and help in the transfer of new knowledge and positive business experiences. All participating best practices are a true inspiration for new ideas and solutions.​ 

Innovation, Motivation, and Openness

Companies present their best practices in three categories – Innovation, Motivation, and Openness, at three events. At each event, members of the Best Practice Academy, participants of the event, and active listeners choose the winner of a category.

The overall winner of the program – the best practice in the opinion of the members of the Best Practice Academy, participants of the event, active listeners and AmCham social media – gets a special main prize:

  • free annual membership in AmCham Slovenia,
  • a weekend package in New York City (for one person) or participation at the AmCham Business Delegation 2017 (for one person).

Winners of each category along with the winner of the program get:

  • a professional workshop selected by the winner of the program,
  • a short presentation in AmCham Yearbook 2017/2018,
  • a short presentational  video.

Best of the Best 2017 –  ★ Innovation★

In the first category Best of the Best 2017 –  Innovation, we met creative and passionate individuals and groups who are introducing to the Slovenian business community new knowledge, approaches, products, processes, and business models presented themselves in an innovative way:

Best of the best 2017 in the category Innovation and thus the first Best of the Best 2017 super-finalist, according to the votes of the participants of the event, the committee, and the active listener, became Pro Plus with Štartaj, Slovenija! project. Read more

We will meet the finalists of the category Motivation in September and of the category of Openness in October. 

Who are Best of the Best 2017 Finalists

Best of the Best 2016 is Danfoss Trata and 24Idea.

Read more about 24Idea here

Check out the Best of the Best 2016 Finalists

  • Innovation: Danfoss Trata, 24Idea
  • Motivation: Zavarovalnica Triglav, nadgradnja projekta Mladi upi
  • Openness: Steklarna Hrastnik, Premium Business Club - HUB

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