Board of Governors

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Between its Annual General Assemblies the American Chamber of Commerce is led by the 10-member AmCham Board of Governors

President of AmCham Slovenia:

In September 2015, Nevenka Kržan, Senior Partner KPMG, was elected for mandate of two years as President of AmCham Slovenia

Nevenka Kržan, KPMG

I am deeply honored to have been entrusted with presiding over the AmCham Slovenia and thus given the opportunity to create with you as a business community and a group of extraordinary people the working and living environment in Slovenia, and to foster a competitive economic environment as well as transparent and ethical business operations by means of quality platforms and programs. A positive dialogue between business operations and decision-makers is of key significance, hence we shall further enhance mutual business partnerships, support the development of actively involved young experts while simultaneously ensuring them a broad quality business network and in this way promote the exchange of good practice and jointly give back to the society.

1st Vice President, Robert Trnovec, Microsoft

By making the AmCham community more operational and shifting away from pleasant-sounding recommendations that do not, in themselves, get things moving quickly enough, AmCham Slovenia can contribute even more to Slovenia’s development.




2nd Vice President, Maria Anselmi, General Manager, Bisnode Southern Markets

I believe in the insightful power of Big Data and analytics, and in the energy of the AmCham Slovenia social & business platform to put them to work and make changes happen.



Julij Božič, BTC

Through its many unique programs, events and connections, AmCham Slovenia has created a unique ecosystem, shifting the mindset towards optimism, collaboration, trust, passion and creativity. I am proud to share the same values and to be part of this great story of making Slovenia great again.




Agata Jakončič, Merck Sharp & Dohme

AmCham Slovenia is enabling transformative change by creating an inspirational environment that nurtures and encourages exceptional initiatives to generate business opportunities, as well as personal development, all with the aim of improving overall prosperity. 




Janko Medja, Elektronček






Enzo Smrekar, Droga Kolinska

AmCham Slovenia creates an environment for the business community to meet, discuss important topics and suggest measures that are essential for a more prosperous Slovenia.


Ajša Vodnik, Executive Director, AmCham Slovenia

AmCham Slovenia is much more than just a group of outstanding individuals, it is a business community. We share the common goal of building a better business and living environment in Slovenia.




Stefan Reisinger, Ex officio, U.S. Embassy Ljubljana

The collaboration between the U.S. Embassy and AmCham Slovenia has provided benefits to the economies and people of both our countries.





Petra Novak, Representative of Young Professionals, Competo

AmCham gives a voice to young professionals to help co-create our future; a future of optimism and possibilities. Through collaboration and trust between its members, AmCham builds a strong business community that is focused on progress and making a positive impact.