Health and Wellbeing Committee

For sustainable, accessible and fair health care system!
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Alja Plevnik Kapun, GSK

Health - Our Biggest Asset and an Opportunity for Slovenia


Our goal is the best possible healthcare service for all Slovenian citizens.

Efficitent functioning of the heatlhcare system now!

The Committee is focused on two complex areas, which will increase the efficiency of the healthcare system:

1. Digitalization, with its advantages:

  • Improving the organization, management, and quality of work with patients,
  • Systematic setting-up of registries, which is a major long-term contribution to the health quality of Slovenians.

2. Health management – organization, leadership, and management of hospitals:

  • Changing the legal form of hospitals, which would enable full transparency and control of their operations while at the same time allowing for greater autonomy in management and rewards.
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) must be publicly available to all hospitals.
  • Waiting lists are manageable through procedural, practical and organizational interventions (reforming the DRG system).
  • In the area of infrastructure, healthcare must open up to public-private partnerships.




Andrej Črepinšek, IBM SLOVENIJA