Health and Wellbeing Committee

For sustainable, accessible and fair health care system!
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Urša Lakner, PFIZER

A person in the center – for a sustainable, solid, and accessible healthcare system!


Members of the Health and Wellbeing Committee are committed to solutions that place patients at the heart of their treatment and provide them with coordinated and integrated care that is based on regularly updated and coordinated clinical data. We support:

  • further discussion on changing the network of public hospitals, with the proposal to specialize regional hospitals and introduce specialist hospitals
  • dealing with and simultaneously coordinating the public and private delivery of health services
  • autonomous management of hospitals, introduction of legal and organizational changes that facilitate the introduction of corporate governance and modern hospital management, with clear responsibility and authority
  • considering healthcare as an important industry that is also an equal speaker in introducing changes into the Slovenian health system – along with the proposals on citizens' awareness of health issues, we emphasize the importance of regulating health financing through measures that do not increase burdens on the economy and consequently reduce competitiveness, and
  • ​​introducing innovations and establishing an independent group of experts that would function within the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia

We emphasize that the solution is not in additional burdens on the economy, but in more efficient organization, sustainable financing, and the introduction of innovations in health care.



Andrej Črepinšek, IBM SLOVENIJA