Intellectual Property Committee

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Awareness of the importance of intellectual preoperty rights.


Effective exercising of intellectual property rights will encourage the economic and social potential of Slovenia.


KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION, AND CREATIVITY are the core values on which future economic and social development should be based. Our efforts to facilitate the effective exercise of intellectual property rights are therefore among the most important components of national and international policies.

Special attention is paid to issues concerning judicial protection of intellectual property rights in Slovenia, where we lack more efficient (and faster) protection of exclusive rights.

We support the promotion and strengthening of individual awareness of the obligation to respect and use industrial property rights lawfully, which can also be achieved by recognizing the importance of institutions operating in the area of intellectual property rights, including the provision of adequate human, financial and other resources for their smooth functioning and development.

In practice, we continue to observe the need to harmonize the content of intellectual property rights with the needs of today's business and economic realities. We want greater (legal) predictability of relationships in this field for both holders and users of intellectual property rights.


Eva Gostiša, Odvetniška pisarna Jadek & Pensa d.o.o.

Jaka Repanšek, Republis