Summer Economics Institute

AmCham Slovenia in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia links academic and business career through student internship program – Summer Economics Institute (SEI).
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The 6th Annual Summer Economics Institute (SEI) 2017 aims to give top 20 Slovenian university students a US-style hands-on introduction to business and economics in the real world, the tools to create new businesses – the foundation of entrepreneurship and an opportunity to intern at AmCham Slovenia member companies.

SEI: Invigorating, Diverse – so American!

With such training, which efficiently integrates the theoretical knowledge (study) with the experiential one in a real economic environment we enable Slovenian students valuable work experiences and introduction to certain aspects and understanding of doing business.

We listen to the business ideas of young people, encourage the development of their business models, and build the entrepreneurial (self) consciousness of future leaders.




The program consists of: 

  • A two week Lean Start Up program with a US Professor of Entrepreneurship with the aim of encouraging students in entrepreneurial activities, 
  • field trips to companies and institutions,
  • lectures and discussions with exceptional guest speakers,
  • internships at AmCham Slovenia member companies, where students engage in business with a mentor. 


Companies often subsequently give the intern they cooperate with through SEI a concrete job offer, so the program also caters to the human resources potential for all employers seeking new, young staff.