The Best of the Best 2017 Winner is Pro Plus, Štartaj Slovenija.

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In recent years, a mentality has spread among young people that in Slovenia, nothing can be achieved. That nobody understands their products, gives them a chance, or is willing to help them on their way towards success. POP TV, Spar Slovenia, and the Formitas agency have joined forces and launched a project that contradicts such mentality. They have selected 12 entrepreneurs and shown them how to find the right solutions and have helped them on their way towards success. The idea of the project was to give Slovenian entrepreneurs a unique chance for launching their product. They were spreading fresh entrepreneurial energy by participating in relevant debates, discussing the main problems young people are facing when trying to launch their idea or product on the market, and seeking concrete solutions. They have shown that the power of television is great and fulfilling when it benefits society.



POP TV viewers had an opportunity on Sundays to watch genuine stories of Slovenian entrepreneurs, observe their fears and the obstacles they were facing on their path, as well as their learning process while being mentored by successful Slovenian entrepreneurs. Courage, strong will and readiness for work gave them media exposure and in Interspar superstores, they were given a special department shelf for their products and thus a unique breakthrough opportunity. The most successful candidates received a unique business opportunity – a six-month exclusive contract with Spar Slovenia and media coverage by the POP TV media house. The deodorant Nelipot became the “Hit product 2016”.

The show achieved amazing ratings and was the main topic in the media and on social networks. The campaign reached more than 94,000 purchases and seven products became bestsellers in their product category. Due to such good results, Spar has decided to sell the “hit product” as well as 8 other products in more than 50 stores.

Thank you to our partners, Spar Slovenia and Formitas, with whom we created this story. I can say that in two years our project has become a real movement that encourages entrepreneurship, moreover we also have a television show that reaches high ratings. I would like to congratulate the other two finalists for inspiring projects, and thanks to AmCham Slovenia for the award.

Aleš Muhič, Marketing Director at Pro Plus