AmChams in Europe

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Established in 1963, AmChams in Europe serves as the umbrella organization for the 45 AmChams from 43 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia. Together we represent the interests of more than 17,000 American and European companies employing 20 million workers - accounting for more than $ 1.1 trillion in investment on both sides of the Atlantic.



As a bilateral voice of U.S. and European companies, AmChams in Europe works to communicate the importance of the transatlantic economy in both Europe and the United States. Membership is not defined by geographical borders, but by the willingness and ability to contribute, as well as the basic requirement of being accredited by the United States Chamber of Commerce.

AmChams in Europe Members

Our Mission

To Develop and support a Network of AmChams across the wider European area committed to:

  • The exchange of best practices among member AmChams
  • Strengthening the “AmCham” Brand throughout Europe and the U.S.
  • Providing a forum for discussion, debate, and where necessary, representation on issues relevant to the European and Transatlantic business environment.
  • To promote the importance of the transatlantic economy in both Europe and the United States.


AmChams in Europe’s primary activity is focused on organizing two annual conferences; one in the United States and one in Europe:

In the U.S., AmCham executives meet with companies, organizations and governmental agencies in Washington, DC as well as in relevant U.S. cities / regions. The purpose of these visits is to increase awareness of AmChams in Europe, strengthen partnerships, and gain insight into the current U.S. business and political climate. 

The European Conference is traditionally hosted by an AmChams in Europe member and focuses on facilitating the exchange of best practices and discussing relevant issues impacting AmChams and their members. For the host AmCham, this is an opportunity to showcase their country and expose its members to the AmCham network. Recent meetings include Ljubljana, sLOVEnia in 2016.

Patrick Mikkelsen, Director of AmChams in Europe and CEO of AmCham in the Netherlands