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Business Bled Strategic Forum

AmCham Reinvention Breakfast

Predicting the Unpredictable: How to Win in the Flow of Constant Change?

Globalization, technological development, the new digital era, and a variety of other global advancements and challenges have unleashed a far-reaching tsunami, which is disturbing balance everywhere. The future is uncertain, and stability cannot be taken for granted. The rules of the game for doing business are regularly changing and companies strive to adjust to the fast-moving, constantly changing landscape. These mysterious conditions are challenging companies and leaving shattered careers in its wake. No matter how much we believe we have prepared for it, it is clear that one can ever be prepared enough.

  • What are the recipes for success in an era of unpredicted (in)stability?
  • Why companies sink and how to reinvent after a business disaster?
  • What are the new forms of corporate reinvention?
  • How to lead in change?
  • Are we ready for the Society 5.0? Who will take the lead?

Rethink your company’s relationship with change.

AmCham Slovenia is once again a proud partner of the Business Bled Strategic Forum (BSF), which will this year focus on the (Re)Sources of (In)Stability & Predicting the Unpredictable.

We are honoured to have the ability to extend the invitation for the Bled Strategic Forum to interested members of AmCham Slovenia. If you are interested in participating, please contact

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