Giving Back to the Community

A Month of Thanksgiving and Corporate Responsibility
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Nina Marinšek

We are aware that success brings responsibility. 

This November will be renamed as A Month of Thanksgiving and Corporate Responsibility, a month of acts of kindness, empathy, sincerity, and social responsibility. The goal is to emphasize the importance of socially responsible actions and to encourage collaboration and the creation of new opportunities for corporate volunteering and corporate social responsibility; to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining work-life balance, gratitude, and social responsibility towards ourselves, our families, colleagues, and society.

Corporate responsibility. A business model for community growth.

The socially responsible actions of the members of AmCham Slovenia contribute to the development of a sustainable, tolerant, developed, environmental, inclusive, and modern society; therefore, we are proud to present them and their effect. We also encourage innovative forms of cooperation with all stakeholders in the local environment and encourage the creation of new opportunities that aim for the benefit of society, while at the same time stimulate the impact of both a company’s employees and its business objectives.

On the web platform you can read about what AmCham Slovenia members are creating for the benefit of the community from November 22.

Gratitude is personal responsibility. Let’s start giving back to ourselves, our colleagues, and the community.

Gratitude is one of the most valued and important aspects of life, and it has a positive effect on all areas of human existence. Daily gratitude can improve a person’s long-term well-being by more than 10%, which in the business world is equivalent to doubling one’s income. Every day we face new challenges and adventures, acquiring new knowledge, acquaintances, and experiences. We strive to promote the search for the right balance, so we encourage gratitude and social responsibility towards ourselves, our families, our colleagues, and society.

In November we are grateful. Let’s remember the value and effect that a single word can have in someone’s business environment and his everyday life.


Final Thanksgiving event

We will conclude the month of Thanksgiving with socializing, spreading optimism, and contributing to the common good at the closing event of A Month of Thanksgiving and Corporate Responsibility. The final event will take place on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018. More information follows …


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