How to Join AmCham Slovenia?

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Membership Policy


Membership Application

We would like to become a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia - AmCham Slovenia.

Required field cannot be left blank

Applicant Information

Please name employees in your company (beside the applicant) that should be invited to events and involved in AmCham Slovenia activities: First Name, Last name, Position, Phone, E-mail.

Entrepreneur and Non Profit members up to 5 individuals. Corporate and Patron members up to 10 individuals.

Types of Membership

Type of membership is determined by the Board of Governors due to annual turnover.
All AmCham members may transition to a higher category, regardless of the revenue of the company or group to which they belong, as stated in the Membership Policy. More on membership categories: The Membership Fee is payable within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice submitted to the Member by the AmCham.

Contact information

Data Protection Statement

The information you provide in this Membership Application will be used solely for dealing with you and your employees as a member of AmCham Slovenia. AmCham Slovenia has a Personal Data Privacy Policy. The data you provide in this Membership Application will be stored and used in accordance with this Policy. AmCham Slovenia may wish to publish a membership handbook, yearbook or directory. This would include member's names, emails, phone and/or mobile numbers and addresses and will be available to all members in either electronic or hard copy versions.

Read more about it at AmCham Slovenia Privacy Policy.

AmCham Slovenia may publish photographs and/or videos of our events and their participants on our website or social media channels and/or in AmCham Yearbook. This would include members’ names, titles, and company names, and will be available to all in either electronic or hard copy versions. If you do not agree with publishment of your photos, videos and other data, please write to