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The investment and development conference Slovenia Business BridgeTM

Investment and business opportunities are our priority. Let's put Slovenia on the map of competitive countries and let's work together for Slovenia to become the first choice of investors coming to Europe. 

Slovenia Business BridgeTM conference is devoted to presenting the Slovenian investment environment and business opportunities for foreign investors in Slovenia, as well as highlighting specific opportunities for Slovenian companies in the United States and other foreign markets. It is a top-level conference, connecting the business world, investors, representatives of the government, diplomatic corps and entrepreneurs. 

Slovenia Business Bridge 2019


The real question is how to ensure sustainable growth and maintain a competitive advantage in disruptive times of constant change. Distinguished speakers from Slovenia and abroad will place innovation, cooperation and trust at the center of focus as priority topics and factors for obtaining good business results and viable commercial success.

The event will also open doors for entrepreneurs and startups and provide them with information on how to compete more successfully on international markets, how to keep up with the latest technologies and understand the importance of the connections between global supply chains and local entrepreneurs.

Participants will gain an insight into the world of big business, as well as family companies that are becoming multinationals. Questions will be addressed such as how to lead with a clear vision and with inspiration based on values, and how to establish trust (particularly from the perspective of understanding continuous technological and social change).

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